Gothic Rings Top 2020

Have you ever noticed that gothic fans only wear white metals overall? The most common material used to create gothic jewellery is silver. Goths as a culture worship the night forces and will deem themselves to be ‘children of the night’. Anything that is reminiscent of the darkness will draw them whether it be dark skies, pallor, the cold moonlight, and so on.

Being a moon metal, silver reflects the aesthetics of the gothic subculture. Gold or any other metal of a yellow variety will not be accepted as it is considered to be a sun metal and associated with the daytime. The goth accessories can also be made from substitutes like steel or nickel or any other type of white material.
When making the jewelry, artisans will incorporate semiprecious stones which would include things such as agates, garnets, onyx, rubies, and the like. Goths have no particular attachment to what these stones symbolize. Their only concern is how the stones will offset the silver metals that serve as their backdrop, which is why they are drawn to the brilliant but cool colours of the gems. Red is one of the main accent colours used in Goth jewellery even though it is a warm colour primarily because it is reminiscent of blood.
Goths adorn many fingers with a variety of different rings with no solitary design. They are attracted by other rings due to their gothic motifs and distinctive creations. The symbols in gothic culture is eclectic comprising Celtic, ancient Egyptian, and Christian elements along with some Satanic symbolization. One of the most common symbols is the Egyptian Ankh which is the symbol for justice in ancient Egypt but means immortality and infinity to the goths. In this review we will take a look at several of the top goth rings for 2019 being sold on the market.

Top Goth Rings For 2019

1. Mythical Red Ring

Mythical Red Ring Gothic

This beautiful woman’s ring presents with a brilliant, round red cubic zirconia stone emblazoned on a black gold backdrop. It serves as a representation in the gothic world of blood that has been shed as the ring has been passed from one generation on to the next generation. This ring is sure to stand out when worn with the black attire that is known to be standard within the goth community. It is 8 mm in width. The single red stone is surrounded by two smaller stones and rows of tiny red stones going back the band. It is simply exquisite.

2. Pretty Black Rose

Black rose gothic ring

The pretty black rose is just that; an all black copper women’s ring with a rose face and thorns going back the band. This black rose is said to have taken on all of the feelings of darkness that have taken over the wearer. The great thing about this ring is that it is fully adjustable to any size finger by simply bending it without causing damage to the ring. The material is not flimsy, good quality, solid, nice size for such a simplistic-looking ring. It comes with a very affordable price for the value. This ring is stunning.

3. Winter Black Ice

Winter Black Women Gothic Black Ring

The silver brass 10 mm cubic zirconia ring is set with a large round black stone and white stones surrounding the band. It makes a grand presence when worn whether you wear it alone or in a grouping. It has a really beautiful finish and a gorgeous design. The quality is amazing with durability that can withstand any type of abuse. This ring is really elegant and could be worn for any type of formal occasion but would be suitable on an everyday basis as well. This ring offers a really great value for the type of ring that you’re given.

4. Cold Black Odin

Cold Black Oding Gothic Men Ring

The Cold Black Odin is an absolutely beautiful ring. It’s made from titanium steel for men as an anniversary ring with a black ‘onyx’-type stone. The pattern on the band is considered to be the ‘star’ pattern. The surface is 4 mm and it is of a really good quality. It commands a massive presence on the finger when worn. This would be a ring that the man in your life would consider to be very classy and rather robust. The nice thing is it comes packaged in a gift box so it’s ready to be given for any occasion. Awesome value for the price.

5. Magic Land Ring

Magical Land Goth Ring

The Magic Land Ring is simply unusual, interesting, and a good conversation starter. It is made of wood and resin with a top ‘stone’ that can come in a choice of colors. The styles and shapes for this ring vary which is really unique in that you can buy more than one and have two different rings. They fit a little bit snug, you may want to order about ½ size larger than what you would typically wear. It’s not heavy as you would expect with wood. It’s surprisingly lightweight, yet it is real wood. It is a very affordable ring for the value that you are getting with the purchase. A very quirky piece that you wouldn’t think of as being typical of a goth piece, but pretty cool for a ring overall.

Despite modern goths being associated with the darkness, the occult, and rigidity, gothic jewelry in the initial history had a connection to thin lacy lines typically accented with pearls. As in the English Gothic Cathedrals, various lancet arches as well as sharp angles, this decor would convey their mystery albeit not with rudeness but rather with sheer grace.
Gothic jewelry today offers several different varieties that have the potential of contradicting with each other. These differing styles are often the most, spectacular, gorgeous, refined, and, yes, elegant.
If you choose to wear accessories such as rings in the goth style, it will look out of place if you aren’t dressing and living in the goth subculture. Being goth is simply a way of life for those who choose it.