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Show your prowess as a Gothic man with the Odin rings from NordGoth. Odin was the god of war in Norse mythology. Odin represents wisdom, royalty, healing, and death, and he is the husband of the Norse goddess Frigg.
Odin surveyed his kingdom from the back of the flying, eight-limbed steed named Sleipnir, where he flyes across the blackened skies and sky and into the underworld.
If you want to show you man how much he means to you as the lord of your world, then buy him this exquisite piece. The ring features a titanium setting, with intricate infinite designs on the edges, this ring makes an elegant and powerful fashion statement.
The large, black, semi-precious stone sits ominously in the center of the piece, drawing attention. This ring is the ideal Gothic gift, but it also suits those that have an affinity to the metal or punk lifestyle as well.
Wearing the Cold Black Odin on your finger gives you a sense of power and confidence, and it’s the ideal ring for singles trying to make a statement. Available in eight different sizes to suit any finger, the Cold Black Odin is the top ring choice for a man.
Harness the power of Odin with this ring, and let this piece fill you with certainty, conviction, and clarity as you move through your life. It’s the ideal ring to wear on any occasion and a reminder to stay true to yourself and your ambitions.
Black is not a color; it is the absence of color. The stone draws in light but allows nothing to escape, giving the visual impression of black stone. It’s a symbol of power and death, and it’s a popular theme in the works of Edgar Allan Poe.
In his 1845 masterpiece entitled, “The Raven,” Poe describes a descent into madness that is both spine-chilling and morbid. Wearing black as a Goth shows that you have a deeper insight into the workings of the world, and you understand the power that lies within you.
The black stone in the Cold Black Odin Rings looks magnificent offset against the cold grey and silver tones of the setting, making this the ideal piece to suit any clothing. If you’re a Gothic girl looking for the ultimate gift for your man, then the Cold Black Odin is your top choice.
For those men looking for a powerful addition to their wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with the Cold Black Odin.

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