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The mythical red ring

If you want to show your dedication and commitment to your partner, then buy them this mythical red ring as a symbol of your eternal love for one another.

While red is a warm color, it symbolizes blood in Gothic culture, showing the close ties between Gothic literature and vampirism. When you don this ring, it’s a sign that your blood entwines with that of your partner or a lost loved one, showing that you have a spiritual bond that’s closer than the ties of blood.
The Mythical Red Ring from NordGoth is a piece of female jewelry that features exquisite design. The red cubic zirconia used in the manufacture of this piece catches the light, producing a deep red hue that’s eye-catching and memorizing.
This ring is a must-have item for any girl Goth, featuring a filled black gold in the setting, with an intricate design. NordGoth jewelry will accentuate your look, showing everyone your intentions and state of mind.
The color red also features in Gothic literature as a symbol of aggression, passion, and intensity. Classic Gothic novels, such as “Jane Eyre,” use red for its dramatic effect. In the story, Jane faints out of the fear of seeing a ghost when locked in a red room.
Donning this ring gives you a sense of power and superiority, and it’s the ideal piece to wear on a day when you’re feeling anxious or nervous. The energy from the ring will fill you with confidence, and get you through any situation. The Mythical Red ring from NordGoth lets people know not to mess with your fragile mental state, and to back off and give you some space.
The ruby-red glow of the cubic zirconia also symbolizes desire, passion, and love. If you want to give your partner a gift that expresses your commitment to her, then this is the ideal piece to add to her jewelry box.
Each of our Mythical Red Rings comes with artistic design in the setting that complements your Gothic style. Available in eight different sizes, NordGoth has a range to fit your partner’s finger. This exquisite piece looks like it could be a traditional heirloom handed down through generations from Goth to Goth.
The large red zirconia, offset by filled black gold and trimmed with smaller red stones, looks mesmerizing, and it will be a focal point of your outfit. Wear it solo, or with other jewelry from the NordGoth range.

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