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Are you looking for the perfect ring to show your commitment to your partner? The Pretty Black Rose is the ideal way to show your affection for your man or your engagement to the spiritual realm.

This piece features elegant design and premium materials in its construction. If you’re looking for the best gift to give your partner this holiday season, then the Pretty Black Rose is your top choice.
The copper used in this ring promotes circulation in your hands while looking incredibly stylish. It’s an elegant way to show your affection, and the adjustable nature of this ring makes it a comfortable fit for anyone.
Black is a color that’s traditionally associated with mourning the death of a loved one. The black rose is a flower that’s synonymous with bereavement and sadness, and it also has symbolic reference to vengeance as well.
In Gothic literature, the black rose is a symbol of a tragic romance. If you recently lost a loved one,
such as a partner, friend, or a family member that was close to you, then this piece is the ideal way
to celebrate your remembrance of their passing.
The black rose ring has a fatalistic and mystical look and is the perfect accessory for any traditional Goth. The ring accentuates black clothing and makeup, and it’s the ideal choice for any girl that wants to make a fashionable statement about her personal views on the world and society.
The black rose is also a symbol of rebirth, suggesting the death of old habits. This ring is the ideal reminder of what you quit doing drugs or stopped smoking. It provides you with a touch-point to remind you to stay faithful to your commitment to yourself. Wearing the black rose is a symbol of a new beginning in your life.
The use of the black rose in tarotology represents ugliness, revenge, disrespect, despair, and immorality – making it the exact opposite of everything to do with a white rose. While a black rose is
an integral part of tarotology, it’s important to note that the flower doesn’t appear on any tarot cards whatsoever.

NordGoth produces each black rose ring we make with outstanding care and attention to detail. Slip the ring onto your finger and easily adjust it to fit by spreading the gap in the ring. One-size-fits all,

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