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Embrace the shadow with a black gothic ring. Black is the absence of color and the absence of light.

Slipping a black gothic ring onto your finger signifies your disdain with the world and its culture of consumerism.
Black gothic rings are a statement of nothingness and a reminder of the war for your soul. The elegance of black is a subtle statement of your internal struggle and your strife in this life. Wearing a black gothic ring fills your soul, mind, and body with spiritual power, and you’ll feel the ring absorbing the mysticism of the world around you.
A black gothic ring is an ideal choice if you want to commemorate the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship. Every time you look at the ring or feel it on your finger, you’ll experience a reminder of the lost soul in your life.
Black also represents a color of deepness and mystery, and a black gothic ring reaches from your finger to your soul, forming a connection. It’s a must-have jewelry item for any gothic girl and a representation of your personality.
With a variety of designs, all of our black gothic rings feature design and fabrication with the finest jewelry-grade materials, such as filled black gold. When selecting your ring, choose the design that calls out to your soul. You’ll feel your mind and body drawn to the ring, as a symbol of your internal power.
Wearing a black gothic ring also signifies your understanding that we all eventually shed our mortal coil, leaving this world for the spiritual realm. Add a gothic ring to your collection, and embrace the power of darkness in your life.
Bring the power of “The Raven” into your life. Signify your descent into the madness of the world with a black gothic ring.

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