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Achieve human perfection with an alchemy gothic ring. Align your soul and body with this piece of
exquisite jewelry designed to enhance your life and your look. According to Western and Hellenistic
mystery tradition, the Philosophers Stone represents the elixir of life, offering the promise of
immortality and physical rejuvenation.
When you slip an alchemy gothic ring onto your finger, you’ll instantly feel the power of the ring
sweep through your body. Embrace the change as your soul rises from the ashes of destruction, like
a blazing phoenix taking to darkened skies.
Owning an alchemy gothic ring in your jewelry box is a must for any practicing goth. The ring is a
cornerstone of your collection and an essential component of your wardrobe. When other goths see
you wearing an alchemy ring, they’ll feel a connection to you. Alchemy rings are a sought-after piece
that every goth needs to own.
Start on your path to creating your Magnum Opus. Let your ring form a personal Great Work of
Alchemy, and choose the color that signifies your personality, character, and the stage in your life.
Each stage represents different emotions, and you’ll feel a calling to what’s right for you.
 Nigredo, melanosis, or blackening.
 Albedo, a leucosis or whitening.
 Citrinitas, a xanthosis or yellowing.
 Rubedo, an iosis, or reddening, or purpling.
Review our collection of exquisite alchemy gothic rings, and choose the piece that signifies your
personality, and commitment, to our culture. When selecting your ring, it’s important to note that
you don’t choose the ring, the ring chooses you. As you browse the collection, you’ll feel your soul
pull towards the design that’s right for you.
Don’t fight the power of alchemy. Embrace it and let its mystical power change your mind, body, and
soul. All our alchemy gothic rings feature quality design and materials, choose a piece that changes
your life.
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